Since opening in August of 1990, MOUNTAIN VIEW HALL has been All-Greek, housing approximately 575 students (click on photo for larger view).  Campus maps are found at  Located on the west side of Old Lumberjack Stadium, and Max Spilsbury Field, it covers the area formerly used for student seating when NAU football was played outdoors at at Lumberjack Field.  The stadium is still used for track & field and soccer (see web page Sigs in Sports).  
Originally intended for only the NAU sororities and NAU service groups (no fraternities),  the alumni of all of NAU's fraternities and sororities lobbied the University with a series of large group meetings (1986-87) in Phoenix to convey to the University their concerned for the lack of inclusion of the NAU fraternities into the future Hall's planning.  The result was an all-fraternity-sorority dormitory, the first combination on-campus since the short-lived 1962-63 & 1963-64 Sorority Dorm(2 sororities)-Raymond Hall (6 fraternities) experience.
The home of Zeta Omicron Chapter since the Hall opened, the Sigma Chi wing is on the top floor on the southeast side and accomodates 37 members living-in.  It has a private hallway and a 628 square foot chapter room.  The Hall has two much larger common rooms downstairs for chapter meeting and functions for the larger groups.  The Hall also houses all of the NAU sororities.  Below are photos of the main area, and the Sigma Chi wing and chapter room. 
Southwest facing portico entrance with circular driveway (winter).
Greek flags hanging in the main hall.
South-facing bay window of the Sigma Chi chapter room, southeast wing, overlooking the upper-parking deck and Citizens Cemetary.  The view to the south is the distant horizon near Lake Mary and Mormon Lake.  
Entering the Sigma Chi wing, across the catwalk.  All wall decor is professionally painted by NAU Facilities Management. 
(Both photos) Front hallway with chapter composite photos and entrances to four-man suites (each suite has two bedrooms/bathrooms, 2 men per bedroom/bathroom).    
(1st Photo) Jordan Standard wall-painting near chapter room entrance; (2nd Photo) Mid-hallway; (3rd Photo) Rear hallway, facing east towards the former location of Southwest Forest Industries lumber mill. 
Chapter Room: east wall
Chapter Room: south-facing bay windows.
Chapter Room: west wall
Chapter Room: north wall (left to right: storage room, kitchette with sink & refrigerater, entry door & foyer, and restroom).